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Understanding Insurance

At Collaborative innovations, insurance is our top priority.
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How it works? how it can be applied to your life.

Many always treat insurance as an afterthought. Most people don’t bother with reading, researching, and getting an insurance policy until it’s too late. At Collaborative innovations, insurance is our top priority. That’s why we consistently and constantly keep providing you with new, fresh insurance information to help you secure your future, investments, and assets.

From homeowners, renters, car, travel, medical to life insurance, we give you guides to help you with any troubles and empower you with enlightening information.

Collaborative Innovations at a Glance

We are leaders in the provision of high-quality insurance-related information, seeking to empower and educate its readers, worldwide, on insurance matters. Read, evaluate, analyze your insurance with the information we provide to better your life and secure the family’s future.


Insurance Information We Provide

Are you looking for information on Life, personal, fire, property, guarantee, social, liability, or marine insurance and education plans? We have written on it all with valuable input from insurance experts.

Insurance News & Reports

Expert Insights

Insurance Guides


Insurance News & Reports

We provide news on insurance when any changes take place. We also cover any new laws or amendments on insurance laws all year round. It is also our mandate to carry out more research to come up with the facts. Collaborative Innovations covers that extra mile for you.


Expert Insights

We interview and seek clarification from experts on matters to do with insurance. All the information is in a simple format for everyone to benefit from it.


Insurance Guides

We write a detailed systematic guide on various insurance policies, why you should get them, and their importance. We are committed to providing our readers with information that will better their lives and help them make wise insurance decisions.